The UCI Teacher Academy provides a home for teachers and school leaders to develop and enhance their professional practice and inspire and lead others in transforming instruction. We see practitioners as the agents of change for improving educational opportunities – and educational systems broadly – for youth. We seek to leverage and advance research on teaching and teacher development, and provide opportunities for teachers and school leaders to generate and inform research and practice. These efforts are in service of providing more equitable, socially just, and meaningful classroom experiences, particularly for students from underserved communities, that can lead to equitable educational outcomes. 

We draw on the expertise of researchers and practitioners in the Center for Educational Partnerships and School of Education to advance this mission. These include the California Subject Matter Partnerships, as well as teacher educators and researchers in the School of Education, and across the university, who are committed to improving the lives of youth through education. We value and nurture collaborative relationships between educators to create a dynamic learning space to improve educational opportunities for K-12 students in the greater Orange County community.
The following programs and initiatives highlight the success of the partnership:
UCI History Project

The UCI History Project is an organization of teachers, historians, and affiliated scholars that promotes history and social science education through advocacy, professional development programs and leadership opportunities. We employ a research-based approach that focuses on the disciplinary skills of history and social science, content aligned with standards, and academic literacy. Our goal is to increase the achievement of all students and develop an engaged and informed citizenry.

Site Director:

Nicole F. Gilbertson


California Reading and Literature Project (CRLP)

The mission of the California Reading and Literature Project (CRLP) is to provide high quality professional learning for teachers and administrators in literacy and language instruction to help ensure that every California student, PreK-12, achieves the highest standards of academic performance.

CRLP offers research-based programs aligned with the California ELA/ELD Framework and California’s State Standards, including the California English Language Development Standards. CRLP’s professional learning programs are informed by the statewide network of teacher leaders and the literacy needs of California’s diverse student population.

CRLP Collaborates with partnership districts to support and sustain continuous improvement, including the implementation of State Board adopted instructional frameworks and materials.


 Betty Isa


Irvine Math Project (IMP)

The Irvine Math Project (IMP) partners with a broad range of schools schools and districts across Orange, Los Angeles and San Diego counties to provide content-based professional development. IMP designs hands-on conceptual lessons, unit outlines and course outlines aligned to Common Core math standards, K-12.

The team of classrooms practitioners, math content experts, and math education researchers works with each district’s unique needs to provide support ranging from classroom demonstration lessons to administrator PD, all with the goal of supporting teachers to engage students to be successful in meaningful mathematics.


 Karajean Hyde


UCI Science Project
UCI Science Project is grounded in research-based educational practices and understands the paradigm shifts needed for the Next Generation Science Standards. Our goal is to support educators to be transformative leaders that build capacity in their schools through empowering learning experiences. We are firmly committed to addressing racial, social, and environmental injustices through collaborative efforts that position educators as agents of change for community action.
UCISP can work with your school site to review curricula for NGSS alignment, create district pacing plans, develop benchmark assessments, offer professional development catered to your site needs, or support your science educators in the classroom through lesson studies and sustained partnerships


Kelley Le