Western Association of Educational Opportunity Personnel
Southern California Chapter
TRIO Day has been proclaimed a National Day of Service. We encourage programs to perform some sort of community service-as a way for TRIO to give back to their community and say thank you for its support. Please let the Council for Opportunity in Education know about your TRIO Day celebration.TRIO Day is the last Saturday of February. In 2016, TRIO Day will be held on February 27, 2016, but remember events do not need to be limited to that day.
TRiO Day Info Flyer

The SoCal chapter is the largest chapter within WESTOP, accounting for approximately 41% of the association’s membership. With more than 200 members, representing over 20 educational opportunity programs in 36 different organizations, colleges, and universities across the southern California region. Chapter members are made up of dedicated professionals who are committed to the vision of the association.

Concurrent with the mission of the association, SoCal strives to offer members practical opportunities to network for professional development and to share best practices. Each year the chapter organizes two major events that contribute to the active professional development of our members, as well as the development of valuable leadership skills for the students in our programs. SoCal also proudly sponsors student scholarships to 10 high school seniors who have been admitted to the college during each academic year.

WESTOP has had a trailblazing legacy of strength, leadership, and commitment to represent the concerns and needs of underrepresented students and educational equity issues in our region.

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