Upward Bound Summer Residential Programs
Undoubtedly the most influential component of the Upward Bound program is the summer program. Every summer UB participants have the opportunity to live on the UC Irvine campus. The summer program is designed to give students a glimpse of what college life is like by giving them a chance to live in the dorms, have roommates, attend classes in university facilities, and eat the dorm food. It also gives parents a chance to experience what it will be like if and when their student moves away to college.

Over the course of the summer, student participants engage in a full menu of college preparatory activities such as academic enrichment course work, mentorship activities, college admissions workshops, and motivational speakers.

During the summer, UB participants have the opportunity to take academic preparation courses in Science, Math, Writing, and a Foreign Language, all of which are designed to give them a head start in school for the following school year. During the program, students are encouraged to adopt effective study habits that will follow them throughout their high school career and beyond.

"I really like the Upward Bound summer program, because it gives me the chance to live the college experience as a high school student..."
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