The Student Perspective

Valerie Sandoval
Class of 2012
Katella High School

The best part of the summer program is we get to live in a college dorm over the summer. During the summer program I attended many workshops and learned about what I need to do to prepare myself for college. For example, I learned how to apply for financial aid, what careers and majors are, and what I need to do to develop my time management skills. We also had the chance to listen to many guest speakers who are working professionals.

The guest speakers who talked to us about their careers really opened my eyes and to what it takes do be a professional in the future. The speakers shared their individual stories with us and were very open to answering all of our questions. The greatest lesson I learned from them is that that hard work pays off, and this really motivates me to continue working hard in school. I know now that I want to major in Political Science and a minor in International Affairs when I get to college. My hope is to be a politician one day and serve my community.

Every time I left a workshop I felt that I learned something that puts me ahead of other students when it comes to preparing for college. My favorite workshop this summer was the college admissions workshop. Although I am very aware of the UC requirements, I was able to ask specifics questions that pertained to my case. I really like the Upward Bound summer program, because it gives me the chance to live the college experience as a high school student.

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