The Student Perspective

Daniela Recinos
Class of 2009
Loara High School

My name is Daniela Recinos and I was in the Upward Bound program for two years. I graduated from Loara High School in 2009 and I now attend the California State University, Fullerton. UB definitely helped prepare me to transition to college after high school. Since I am the person in my family to go to college, I had very little information about what I needed to do to prepare myself for college. A major concern of mine was how to pay for college. I had thought that it would be impossible for me to go to college, because my family would not be able to afford it. However, being in Upward Bound eventually learned that money should never be a reason to not go to college. I learned about financial aid and how to go about applying for it. I also learned a lot of neat little tricks that a student can do to improve their chances of getting into college. For example, I learned that taking the SAT and ACT more than once is a smart idea because the colleges didn’t care how many times you take the SAT and ACT; they only care about your best score. UB also helped me by showing me what college life was going to be like. We were always told in UB that college requires a lot of hard work and time management skills. Now that I’m in college I can safely say, “YES, this is absolutely true!” I’m so glad that UB gave me the heads up on this and taught me the skills I needed in this department ahead of time. UB is a lot of work, but it was also very fun. I’ve met lots of new and interesting people through UB. In fact, I met my two best friends in the program. In short, Upward Bound teaches students the skills that they will need to make the transition from high school to college much easier and more fun.

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