The Student Perspective

Celina Florez
Class of 2013
Katella High School

I have gained many things out of Upward Bound, but one main thing that I have gained is knowledge. Before I came to Upward Bound, I knew nothing about college, and I did not take school as serious as I should have. I never fully understood why it was so important to have good grades, or what the importance was about applying to scholarships, or what the difference was amongst the many colleges. I didn’t know what FAFSA was or what grants were. I had heard of some of these terms, but I never understood what they meant. When I first heard of Upward Bound I thought it would be a good program to join because I knew they could explain all these foreign terms I had never understood. I recall during the summer when we would have workshops about financial aid, it finally occurred to me that there was such a thing as “free money.” I learned the importance of grades, and about the competition when applying to college. I learned that there was a difference among colleges in California and across the United States and what the difference was.

Being in this program has changed my life. I never thought that I would be able to make it to college, but after learning information throughout this program, I know that it will not be impossible. I learned many things in this program and not only did I gain knowledge, but I gained confidence in myself and for my future as a college student. Without Upward Bound I would not care as much for school because I would never have understood how important it is. Now, I always give it my all and do the best that I can in school. I attend the UB tutoring sessions and I have seen a vast difference. I am more confident and participate in class much more than I would have a year ago. I walk into my classrooms knowing what I there will shape my future.

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