Senior Timeline
October 1 UC Application is available to be filled out online.
CSU Application is available to be filled out online.
November 30 LAST day to complete and submit your UC application.
December Last month for you to take any college entrance exam and have it count towards your Fall 2006-2007 college admissions.
January 2 Start filling out the FAFSA.
March 1 - 31 You will start hearing back from all the campuses that you applied to.
April 1 - 30 Start making a decision about which campus you will attend. You will only be able to send in one Statement of Intent to Register (SIR) to the campus of your choice.
Application Help Center
  • Download a paper copy of the UC Application to practice filling out the application before doing it online.
  • The UC application includes a written personal statement as part of the application process. Don't wait until the last minute to start working on yours. It usually takes a few weeks to get your personal statement just right. Click here to learn more about how you can write an effective personal statement?
  • Want to apply to a Cal State? Click here to go to the CSU mentor website, where you can fill out the CSU applications online.
Rules for Senior Sashes
Updated on: 12/05/14
To earn a coveted Upward Bound graduation sash at the end of the academic year UB seniors must:
  • Have no unexcused absences from any UB Saturday Session.

  • Complete ALL CPWA assignment starting with CPWA #8 through #26.

  • Complete ALL Grammar Exercises from #4 - #13.

  • Apply to at least 20 scholarships.

    Seniors must enter their scholarships into the UB Senior Scholarship Check List on Google Drive by Friday, May 15.

    You must have a printed copy of all the scholarships you applied for in order to have it count towards the 20 minimum.

    Online surveys that enters you into a drawing for a scholarship WILL NOT count.
Important Reminders
  • Seniors, you MUST write a letter to the colleges that you received an admissions offer to if any of the following situation applies to you:
    • You received a "D" or "F" letter grade in any of your classes the first semester.
    • You are no longer taking a course that you said that you would in your college application. It does not matter if you are not taking the class because it is no longer offered by your school. It is still your responsibility to notify the colleges.
    • You are no longer planning to take an AP exam that you stated you would on your application.

  • If any of the above situation applies to you, you MUST send a letter to notify the college campuses. If you do not, you run a VERY LIKELY RISK that the colleges you applied to will take back their offer of admissions. If you need help writing the letter, please contact Tony or Viviana. We're always ready, willing, and able to help you out.
Financial Aid
  • Free Application For Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). I highly recommend that all UB seniors complete their FAFSA online. In order to "sign" your application online both you and one of your parents must have a Personal Identification Number (PIN). So your first assignment is to apply for a PIN online for both you and one of your parents. Click here to apply for your PIN.

  • After you apply for your PIN you can start filling out the FAFSA online. The FAFSA online is similar to your college applications in that you have to create an account so that you can save your work and continue to work on it until you are ready to submit it.

    • You DO NOT have to wait until your parent(s) file their 2014 tax return to turn in a FAFSA.

    • The most important thing to know about the FAFSA is that it is better to turn it in early.

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