How to make an Appointment for Tutoring
  • Students must make an appointment to attend a tutoring session.

  • To make an appointment, go to the Tutoring Schedule page to review the tutoring schedule. Look towards the bottom of the page to get tutors' email address. Email the tutor for the session you plan to attend and let them know you will be attending.

  • Appointments for Monday - Friday must be made before 9:00 pm the day before the tutoring session.

    Appointments for Saturday tutoring must be made before 9:00 pm on Thursday.
    • For example, Student A plans to attend tutoring on Wednesday at Loara High School from 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm. They must sign up for that session before 9:00 pm on Tuesday.

    • If Student B plans to attend tutoring on Saturday, they must sign up for tutoring before 9:00pm on Thursday.

    • UB tutors will check to see if any students have made appointments for their sessions. If no students have made appointments to attend a tutoring session, the tutoring session will be canceled.

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