The Upward Bound summer program is an intensive six-weeks academic enrichment program. The students take academic courses while receiving tutoring and guidance counseling. Upward Bound students also benefit from cultural and recreational events, field trips, college preparation workshops, and have the unique opportunity to live as a college student for a week. For more information regarding the Upward Bound Summer Program, and to gain a preview of what life is like for an RTA in the summer, visit

Combining the responsibilities of a Teaching Assistant and a Resident Advisor, the RTA position offers a unique and exciting employment opportunity for any UCI undersgraduate who is interested in the field of education and would like to gain practicle experience working with high school students.

Develop personal and professional skills in:

  • Leadership
  • Peer counseling
  • Student mentoring
  • Conflict resolution
  • Classroom management
  • Community life programing

RTA Role and Responsibilities:

  • Serve as a tutor and mentor to help program participants prepare for success as a future college student.
  • Serve as Resident Assistant (RA) during the residential portion of the summer program
  • Provide overall supervision over 8 - 12 residents.
  • Help to create and maintain a safe and positive learning environment.
  • Uphold and enforce program rules.
  • Coordinate team project with assigned students.
  • Coordinate recreational activities.
  • Assist program staff and instructors with program implementation.

Submit the Online Application
Application deadline:
Friday, April 11, 2014

IMPORTANT! Before you apply please note the following:

  1. Selected RTA MUST be available to attend the mandatory training sessions during Week 5 through 9 of Spring Quarter.

  2. Selected RTAs will NOT be able to take classes during Summer Session 1.
For all questions contact:
Tony Hwang
Upward Bound
(949) 824-9145
RTA Perspectives
This was by far the best experience I have ever had. I enjoyed waking up each day and helping the students so much that it is difficult for me to call it a job. The amount of dedication these students have towards their education is admirable... [read more]

As I grow as an individual, I know I can continue to grow as a leader and professional. Working as an RTA has given me an opportunity to grow in these areas. CFEP summer programs has given me the opportunity to observe skillful leadership in action, as well as given me opportunities to exercise those skills myself... [read more]

Being a Resident Teaching Assistant has been one of the most memorable activities I have participated in during the summer. I could never have imagined how much I would get out of the program because it has impacted me ... [read more]

Being a pat of this program has provided me with many skills that I can carry on into all the different aspects of my life. I have learned how to deal with a diverse group of people, how to relate with all of them, learn from their different cultures and beliefs while still being able to keep my own personal beliefs... [read more]

I can confidently say that I have benefited through this program more than I ever anticipated. I learned how to be comfortable and confident in my own personality and I learned that students will gravitate towards a leader who is both strict and at the same time caring. The best experience of this summer is the growth I have seen in my students. .. [read more]

The CFEP summer residential program has been a rewarding experience in various ways.  As an RTA, I have been challenged to be the best role-model I can be.  From the beginning, I knew that my position as a resident teaching assistant would be a major factor in the effectiveness of the residential component... [read more]

I have to say that this has absolutely been the best experience I’ve had in college. Working with the students was amazing. We had a really great staff as well... [read more]

Being an RTA for the Upward Bound Program has benefited me immensely. I have learned to work with a diverse group of extraordinary individuals that also strive to make a difference in the lives of high school students.... [read more]

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