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Participating in Upward Bound activities is an important part of being a UB Scholar. If a situation or circumstance will prevent you from attending a UB activity, simply fill out this short form and your request will be reviewed.

What does it mean to be a UB scholar? Not only does it take dedication and commitment, it also means following a set of guidelines aimed at helping UB scholars achieve their goal of going to college.

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The one stop shop for all your senior needs. No more guess work involved. Just stop by the Senior Center and find out everything you need to do to prepare yourself for college admissions.

Need help with your application? Want more information about scholarships? Want to better prepare yourself for college? Take a look at all these resources that are at your disposal.

Keeping up your grades is the quintessential element of academic success, and the best way to prepare yourself for college. Come to the tutoring sessions exclusively for UB students to gain a leg up on the competition.

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  • http://www.ptable.com/

    Dynamic periodic table of elements. Displays information on element (e.g. physical properties and appearance.

    Bookmark this site in case you take a chem class.