Upward Bound Application Process
STEP ONE: Complete Program Application
  1. Create a Gmail account.

    If you already use Gmail, you may use your existing account. However, the program recommends that students use email addresses that look professional so that it can be used when applying to colleges and scholarships in the future.

    A professional email address is usually a combination of the students First, Last, and Middle Initials. For example, a professional looking email address for a student named "Joe A. Student" could be:

    - joe.student@gmail.com
    - joeastudent@gmail.com
    - j.student@gmail.com
    - student.joe@gmail.com
    - jastudent@gmail.com

    Tip: If you have to use numbers in your email address, try to avoid using your birthday, year of birth, or graduation year.

  2. Complete the Upward Bound New Student ONLINE application.

    DEADLINE EXTENDED: Our application must be completed by Friday, May 11, 2018, 8:00pm PST

  3. Write a Personal Statement and email it to the following email: UCIUpwardBound200@gmail.com.
    Please email your Personal Statement through your Gmail account.

    DON'T STRESS OUT! The purpose of the personal statement is not to test or evaluate your writing ability. Your writing ability will not factor into our decision to accept you into the program. The purpose of the personal statement is to give you the chance to tell us more about yourself to help us determine if you can benefit from Upward Bound services. There is no minimum or maximum length for the paper. Just tell us about yourself using your own words.

    - Use Times New Roman font type, 12pt Font, Double-spaced.

    - On the top right side of your personal statement write:
    1. Your Full Name
    2. Your School
    3. Your Student ID

    - Write your personal statement using the following guidelines:

    PARAGRAPH 1:Introduce yourself. For example: I am the oldest, youngest, or somewhere in between so many brothers and sisters. Include something about your place of birth, your family, and your home life.

    PARAGRAPH 2: Write about your experience at your school, and describe those experiences.

    PARAGRAPH 3: Discuss your reasons for wanting to go to college. What are your special interests (music, sports, computers, biology, business, law...etc.)?

    PARAGRAPH 4: Discuss how you feel you are doing in school. Are you satisfied with your present grades? If not, what are the factors that have contributed to your low grades: no place to study at home, work after school, illness? Discuss your extracurricular activities. Do you have any special hobbies or talents such as singing, playing an instrument, playing a sport, writing poetry...etc?

    PARAGRAPH 5:Discuss the future. Why are you applying to Upward Bound at the University of California, Irvine? What are your hopes and plans? Have you decided on a career goal?

STEP TWO: Attend Program Orientation Meeting
  1. Once you have completed the ONLINE application, AND we have received your Personal Statement, an email will be sent to your Gmail account with more information and an invitation to attend an Upward Bound program orientation meeting.

  2. You, and at least one parent/legal guardian, MUST attend ONE of the program orientation meeting in order to be considered for the program.
  • You MUST bring with you the following documents to the Orientation Meeting:
    • A copy of your Transcript. You can get one from your school counselor.

    • Parent/Legal Guardian's most recent Income Tax Form (IRS Tax Form 1040 or 1040 EZ)
      • If parent/guardian does not file income tax, please provide a letter describing the family's financial situation and source(s) of income, such as:
        • Social Security
        • Welfare Benefits
        • Veteran's Benefits
        • Unemployment
        • Disability

    • A copy of student's social security card

      If you have concerns or questions about providing any of the documents above, click here.

    • Schedule of Classes. Click here to download the Schedule of Classes form.

    • Recommendation Form. Click here to download the recommendation form and ask a teacher, counselor, or another adult who knows you well to complete it.

STEP THREE: Student Interview
  1. After the program orientation meeting, students will be contacted for an one-on-one interview.

  2. The interviews will take place at your school site during school hours.

  3. Interviews will typical take about 10 minutes, and will play a big factor in the final selection process.

  4. Students should print out and complete the Pre-Interview Worksheet to prepare for the interview.

Application Assurances
  • All information submitted during the application is kept strictly confidential. Upward Bound will never share or release an applicant's personal information to anyone other the applicant.

  • Once your application and required documents are received, they are securely filed away and can only be accessed by the Upward Bound program.

  • Even if an applicant is not selected to participate in the program, all information will continue to be securely stored and protected.

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